How to prepare
You can watch the process of making invert syrup here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKLDkti9gVU

The beekeepers use 50%, 60% and 65% invert syrup for feeding their bees.

50% syrup is used in spring and summer. It’s also fed to bees in August and in the beginning of September to make the colonies stronger before wintering.

60 and 65% syrup is used for feeding bee colonies in winter if the carbohydrate feeds are scarce or if they contain a lot of honey-fall.

Invert syrup is prepared from conventional sugar syrup. To prepare 50% syrup, boil 1 l of water and add 1 kg of sugar, stirring the mixture continuously. When all the sugar dissolves, cool the syrup to 50°C. Then add “PCHELIT” to the syrup (2g per 5 kg of sugar – calculated by the amount of sugar from which the syrup was prepared), stir thoroughly and let it stay for 48 hours. Don’t forget to stir the syrup 2-3 times a day during this period! It’s not permissible to heat the mixture above 55°C! Prepared invert syrup should be fed to the bees in 2-3 days if kept at room temperature. You can store the syrup in a fridge for 30 days and use it when needed, heating it up to 30°C before feeding the bees.

P.S. PCHELIT-AKTIV is added 2,8 g per 5 kg of sugar, PCHELIT-COMPLEX-B is added 18 g per 5 kg of sugar.

To prepare 60% syrup dissolve 3 parts of sugar in 2 parts of water. To prepare 65% syrup use 2 parts of sugar and 1 part of water. We recommend to increase either time of inversion (up to 36-72 hours) or temperature (not higher than 55°C!), or else to add more “PCHELIT” (+0,5…1,5 g).

60...65 % syrup could be stored for a year in a tightly closed container at room temperature.

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