author: Silviya Jivkova, Bulgaria
I will write you my feedback here: Why have you decided to try it? – Other beekeepers recommended it to me and I decided to try it. What effect did you see? – I have a little experience in this area. I am a young beekeeper and I still caný give you a competent answer. But so far I am really satisfied, the bees are getting through the winter pretty well, they are strong and healthy. Are you satisfied with our product? – Yes, so far I am satisfied with the products that I ordered from you. Can you recommend PCHELIT to other beekeepers? – I am already doing it, I recommend it to everyone who asks me for advise. Regards, Silviya!
author: Jerome Henry, France
I tried the red pchelit on 18 swarms ( 4 to 5 brood of bee ( syrup : 2 L by hive ) which left on the sunflower in the Gers ( area of Condom city. Really it's the name of the city ! I don't joke ). Result : 18.5 kg of average of honey.The average is 11-15 kg / hives on this area . I was lucky, the sunflower field were open and maturity at the right time during the only week or the weather was beautiful. There is a school of beginning beekeeper to Pau. I will tell about Pchelit.
author: Michael, Austria
I was able to first import Pchelit to Austria late 2013 just in time for last feeding of winter supplies, I enjoyed the strongest population this spring, I will continue using it.
author: Jerome Henry, France
Pchelit is good, it's making like honey 's source for the bees.

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